Dental Cleaning for kids in Arlington, VA

What’s involved in professional dental cleaning for kids?
During dental cleaning visit for your child at Beverly pediatric Dentistry, we’ll:
Remove the calculus (hard calcified deposits on the surface of the teeth) using specialized dental
Get rid of the other sticky plaque formed on the teeth that serves as a breeding ground for living
Polish your child’s teeth to remove stains; and
Go over instruction of effective oral hygiene with your child.
Why should my child have his/her teeth cleaned every six months?
Having a dental cleaning for kids every six months is a good routine for any family. A professional dental
cleaning also serves as an early warning system for your dental health. During dental cleaning
appointment, Dr. Mohammadi, your local pediatric dentist can look for signs of potential problems such
as cavities, receding gums, or other medical problems – and get an early start on correcting them.
At-home oral hygiene, in conjunction with regular dental cleaning visits, will keep your
child’s teeth and gums healthy and strong. No matter how consistent you or your child is
at brushing and flossing, a routine professional dental cleaning is necessary for optimal
dental health.
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