What to Expect

during your child’s first visit to our office

As parents, we totally understand what other parents are expecting from us. The first visit will be about building trust and delivering a unique and memorable experience for your child. This visit is not rushed; we take our time to leave a positive first impression. This is the core of our business. We always welcome the parents to accompany the children to our treating rooms.


The best time to schedule

the first dental checkup for your child

AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry) recommends the very first dental visit to be scheduled within 6 months after eruption of the first baby tooth. During the first visit a complete evaluation of general condition of mouth, oral hygiene practices at home, and feeding habits will be performed.


When your child should

have the first teeth cleaning

The first cleaning is recommended when your child is mentally and emotionally ready for it, unless there is necessity for it. Our goal is to establish a trusting and lasting relationship with our young patients to set the tone for a lifetime of strong and consistent oral care.


Preventive Care

Prevention is key in maintaining long-term oral health, which is why we encourage and help with strong, good habit-formation from an early age.

Routine dental check-ups

The American Dental Association recommends a minimum of 2 visits to the dentist each year. The interval is ultimately determined by the patient’s condition and other individual requirements. While some patients are able to maintain optimal oral health with two visits each year, others require three or four hygiene visits in order to maintain proper oral health.

Protective sealants

Sealants are a thin protective layer of resin coating which is applied on the permanent molars. Baby molars can also get sealants as needed. The purpose of applying sealants is to prevent tooth decay.

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Restorative procedures

We provide a wide range of restorative procedures like tooth color fillings or crowns to replace or repair the decayed, broken or missing teeth structures.


Although primary and permanent teeth are meant to last for their life span, sometimes extraction of teeth is inevitable due to severe crowding, extensive tooth damage or severe infection.

Conscious sedation

(N2O/laughing gas)

In order to make our patients more comfortable for different procedures and control their anxiety we offer the option of Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas if requested by parents. Laughing gas calms the child, increases pain threshold and controls gag reflex. It is one of the safest means in dentistry to control anxiety and pain

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interceptive orthodontic treatment

We provide interceptive orthodontic treatment during mix dentition. Orthodontic appliances such as space maintainer, expanders to correct crossbites, and thumb sucking habit breaking minimize the need for major orthodontic movements of the teeth during later years.

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