Family Dentist – Arlington, VA

As our young patients became high school graduates and transitioned into adulthood, either they had to
find a family dentist to continue their dental cares or we add one to pediatric dentistry office. Pe request
of patents and most of our young adult patient we invited a family dentist an oral surgeon to join our

We’re a multi-specialty practice now
We aim to provide lifelong patients with the most comprehensive dental care possible – all in one
practice. Having a family dentist, pediatric dentist and oral surgeon within the same practice allows for
collaborative care for our patients. Instead of finding separate practices for general/cosmetic dentistry,
pediatric dentistry, or oral surgery services such as wisdom teeth extraction and dental implant
treatment patients can now stay within the same practice. Now, parents can see our family dentist
while their child is being treated by a pediatric dentist.
Our family dentist offers following services to parents and our young adult patients:

• Checkups
• Emergencies
• Cosmetic dentistry
• Tooth whitening
• Orthodontics
• Gum disease treatments
• Veneers
• Dental implants
Our comprehensive patient-centric approach to dentistry allows us to focus on long-term, sustainable
oral health solutions to our patients. In addition we utilize digital technology to enhance the accuracy of
our work and reduce the number of dental visits.

Beverly Pediatric Dentistry has two convenient locations near Arlington, VA. Mclean office: 1363 Beverly
Road, suite 250, Mclean VA 22101 T: 703-752-2200 Washington DC office: 1426 21st Street, 2nd floor
Washington DC 20036 T: 202-331-3474
Call us for a consultation visit. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family.